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Thursday, September 19th, 2019

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Anti Wrinkle Firming Cream for Men
Anti Wrinkle Firming Cream for Men
Anti Wrinkle Firming Cream for Men

Combat wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging with SeaOra's new advanced firming cream, formulated and lightly scented specifically for men. Enriched with essential Dead Sea minerals and Ginseng, this cream also contains all-natural Aloe Vera extract and Almond oil to deeply moisturize your skin. Silicon and Vitamin A help improve skin firmness and elasticity. You will thoroughly enjoy the way SeaOra's cream leaves your face feeling hydrated and refreshed. This cream not only fights existing wrinkles - it helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

  • Prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Helps tone skin discoloration and scarring, including acne scars
  • Helps reduce pore size, helping pores to breathe and not get clogged
  • Helps smoothe out any rough or uneven texture.

You will thoroughly enjoy the very subtle, masculine scent of this cream and the way it leaves your face feeling hydrated and refreshed. This cream is a must have for any man over 30, because it not only fights existing wrinkles - it helps prevent formation of new wrinkles..

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Apply to the face in circles in the morning and at night or when needed.Price: $29.95

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Anti Wrinkle Regimen Kit
Anti Wrinkle Regimen Kit

Anti Wrinkle Regimen Includes:

1. Glycerin Moisturizing soap
2. Facial Salts
3. Anti Wrinkle Serum
4. Moisturizer
5. Delicate Eye Gel
6. Peel-Off Minerals Mask

How to use the anti aging regimen

Step 1: Your morning skin care routine should start with cleansing your skin. Moisturizing soap will gently cleanse your skin removing any overnight oil clogging your pores and allowing the skin to breathe.
Step 2: The facial salts will polish and deep cleanse your skin and pores. Get some salt on wet fingers and gently scrub your skin. Leave on for a minute and wash away with slightly warm water. The salts will increase blood circulation to the skin cells, bring out your skin's natural moisture and tighten your pores.
Step 3: Now that your skin is clean and toned, put a thin layer of serum on your dry face and a thin layer of an eye cream around your eyes. Serum creates a natural screen on the surface of your skin to protect it from the harmful impact of the environment and helps smooth out wrinkles and lines.
Step 4: After serum is absorbed, put a thin layer of moisturizing cream and follow up with your makeup if you choose to.
Step 5: One or two times a week, use the peel off mineral mask for additional cleansing and mineral enrichment of your skin.
Price: $119.95

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Daily Moisturizing Cream
Daily Moisturizing Cream

Moisturize and protect your skin with SeaOra's quick absorbing and non-greasy, daytime moisturizer. This unique cream quenches your skin's thirst with natural, deep hydration that lasts all day giving you a more radiant, firmer and smoother complexion. It also helps protect skin from harmful effects of the sun and daily pollutants without clogging your pores. It contains an active complex of Dead Sea minerals for natural moisture balance, Grape Seed oil for quick hydration and Chamomile extract and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe your skin.

It continues working throughout the day by improving your skin's ability to regain it's natural moisture and better retain it's moisture levels. This therapeutic cream reduces the visible signs of aging, by penetrating easily into the pores and leaving your skin looking radiant, smooth and healthy for many hours. People will wonder why your skin has than new "glow".

Directions: Spread in circular motions a thin layer of SeaOra Moisturizing Cream twice a day for perfect protection of the skin. Also ideal as a make-up base.Price: $29.95

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Exfoliating Facial Salts
Exfoliating Facial Salts

Exfoliating Dead Sea Facial Salts - for Oily Skin - 350grams/12 Ounces

Use our Natural facial salts to improve your complextion, refresh and firm your skin while leaving it cleansed and toned. SeaOra fine grain Facial Salts are uniquely formulated to gently exfoliate your skin while removing oil and bacteria known to clog pores and cause skin to look dull. These salts will infuse your skin with Dead Sea minerals while removing dead skin cells, leaving your face radiant, smooth and refreshed. Pores are tightened and circulation is increased, leaving a firmer, suppler complexion. Great for oily and acne prone skin.

  • Offers effective relief of Eczema, acne, psoriasis,
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Detoxifies
  • Exfoliates
  • De-stresses
  • Revitalizes

Directions: Apply salt to a clean wet face and massage gently. Rinse off with warm water. Follow with SeaOra Moisturizing Cream or Nourishing Night Cream.

Price: $14.99

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Intensive Anti Wrinkle Serum
Intensive Anti Wrinkle Serum

Intensive Anti Wrinkle Mineral Serum - 1oz

Imagine taking all the legendary beauty properties of The Dead Sea minerals and salts and concentrating them all into a highly potent serum. Now imagine adding to that an advanced formula of anti-aging ingredients and vitamins including Bearberry leaf extract, Green Tea and Dead Sea seaweed. What you get is our highly concentrated, mineral rich serum designed to smooth and firm the skin.

This deep absorbing, light gel is formulated with natural ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing your skin's elasticity and firmness. Based on a unique formula of Vitamin C, Evening Primrose Oil and Dead Sea minerals, it instantly moisturizes to improve your skin's texture - giving you a radiant, smooth and even complexion. Amino acids combined with Green Tea extract and Vitamin C help your skin naturally regenerate - creating a firmer, more youthful appearance. Additionally it protects skin from daily pollutants and weather damage that can clog pores and cause wrinkles and breakouts.

Directions: Apply a few drops of serum to the face and neck, especially around the eyes and mouth where wrinkles tend to develop. Using Mineral Anti Age Serum on a regular basis will result in skin restored with a smoother texture and a soft supple appearance. This serum is concetrated so just a little bit goes a long way!

Price: $39.99

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Mineral Eye Gel
Mineral Eye Gel

Minera Eye Gel - with Dead Sea Mineals, Vitamin C and Ginsent - 1.7 Ounces

Let your eyes shine again with their natural beauty - get rid of the wrinkles around your eyes and smooth out fine lines. The delicate skin around your eyes requires a special, gentler touch. Our unique, fragrance-free eye gel delivers rich moisture to the area around your eyes, and is gentle and soft at the same time. This sheer, light gel is infused with active minerals from the Dead Sea to soothe and protect the delicate eye area from dehydration and the signs of aging.

SeaOra's unique eye gel is specially formulated for the delicate area around the eyes. This gentle, ultra-light gel absorbs quickly and keeps the eye area hydrated all day. Essential Dead Sea minerals and Evening Primrose Oil provide lasting moisture helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Chamomile and Sweet Almond extracts soothe and revitalize the skin leaving it radiant and smooth. Vitamins A and C work to protect the skin from daily damage.

Directions: apply daily around the eyes morning and eveningPrice: $28.00

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Mineral Facial Toner
Mineral Facial Toner

Mineral Skin Toner - 6.1 Oz - Available for Normal, Dry or Oily skin

Refresh and tighten your skin with our mineral rich toner which is formulated to refine the pores and stimulate the skin without drying or flakiness. A perfect finish to your daily cleansing routine, Jericho Mineral Skin Toner toner is a refreshing splash of minerals. It's formulated with a patented active complex of Aloe Vera and natural Dead Sea Minerals to enhance the skin's natural pH balance and leave it refreshed and supple. This mineral toner tightens pores, rebalances the skin's pH, and removes unwanted shine.

Direcetions: rub gently over the face and neck with cotton pad morning and night. On hot summer days, when circulation is more active, it may be used once again according to your needs.

Price: $15.99

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Night Renewal Cream
Night Renewal Cream

Dead Sea Nourishing Night Cream

Extra care results in softer, supple skin. Formulated with active Dead Sea minerals our Nourishing Cream is also enriched with vitamins A and E for continuous hydration and overall skin health. It is a great way to finish your skin care regiment. Just lay back, relax, close your eyes and let the smooth cream absorb into your skin. It will do all the work of nourishing and rejuvenating your skin while you sleep! Our mineral nourishing cream is combined with natural Jojoba oil to enhance skin vitality and restore softness. This therapeutic cream a great, natural way to reduce the visible signs of skin aging! It will make the skin on your face feel refreshed, young and supple.

SeaOra's new Night Renewal Cream rebuilds your skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. It absorbs quickly and penetrates deep to infuse your skin with all-natural Evening Primrose Oil, Olive Oil and Dead Sea minerals. Chamomile and Aloe Vera enhance skin vitality and restore softness.

Recommended for all skin types.

Directions: Apply at night after cleaning your skin with Mineral skin toner.

Price: $29.95

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SeaOra Purifying Mud Mask
SeaOra Purifying Mud Mask

Purifying Mud Mask - 3.4 Ounces - with Dead Sea Mud, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera

SeaOra's unique Purifying Mud Mask is formulated with Dead Sea Black Mud, Beeswax and a deeply moisturizing combination of Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Olive Oil. This natural mask boosts cell renewal and revitalizes your skin, while tightening your pores. As the mask dries, it gently pulls out toxins and impurities known to clog pores and cause visible signs of aging. The presence of Dead Sea mud infuses your skin with needed minerals while firming it and improving elasticity. Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts soothe and calm your skin while vitamins A and C leave it looking fresh and renewed.

Directions: Clean your skin with Mineral skin toner, apply the mask to your face and leave for 10-15 minutes. After the mask is completely dry, rinse with warm water in gentle circles. For best results, apply Mineral Moisturizing Cream.

Price: $19.95

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Premier Dead Sea Biox Intensive Age Treatment Cream
Premier Dead Sea Biox Intensive Age Treatment Cream
  • Safe, non-surgical treatment.
  • Antioxidants fight free radicals to slow aging process.
  • Naturally firms skin while easing lines and brightening complexion.
  • Fortified with Dead Sea Minerals, Collagen and Vitamin E that first slows, then starts to reverse the skin’s natural aging process.
  • 21 powerful Dead Sea minerals that treat a broad range of skin ailments and help to rejuvenate and heal the dermal layer.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that imparts vital moisture and battles the free radicals that can cause wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Collagen plumps skin for a soft, glowing complexion that retains moisture, eases lines and firms sagging skin.

2.04 fl oz / 60 ml

APPLICATION: Gently massage cream over the entire face until absorbed. Apply twice daily.

Price: $175.00

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