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Sunday, June 16th, 2019

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Pure Facial Bliss Gift Set

ID code: Gift Set - Pure Facial Bliss

--Pure Facial Bliss Gift Set



This beautifully packaged gift set is comprised of our most popular and most expensive facial skin care products. It will include a custom, handwritten note (specify the text when you checkout) from you and will be a great presentation. Furthermore the products included in this set are so effective and unique that the person you give this gift to will remember it for a long time!

Contains the following Dead Sea skin care products:

1. Intensive Anti Wrinkle Cream
2. Night Cream
3. Mineral Lift Serum
4. Mineral Eye Gel

Step 1: After thoroughly cleansing skin, put a thin layer of Mineral Lift Serum on your dry face and a thin layer of a Eye Gel around your eyes. These concentrated and effective Mineral Serum creates a natural screen on the surface of your skin to protect it from the harmful impact of the environment and helps smooth out wrinkles and lines. Your skin will instantly feel that "lift" and will appear more naturally firm and smooth.

Step 2:
After the Serum is absorbed, put a thin layer of Anti Wrinkle Cream and follow up with your makeup if you choose to.

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