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Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

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P6 Super Pheromone with Perfume Spray for Men 25ml

ID code: P6SPPSM25

--P6 Super Pheromone with Perfume Spray for Men 25ml

P6 Super Pheromone Spray with Perfume from Germany is a powerful combination of strong male pheromones in a contemporary yet masculine fragrance, and this is ideal for tucking in a brief-case, or jacket pocket, because it looks just like a pen. Wow, the girls in the office were most impressed with this new pheromone from Germany. A fabulous fragrance that is heaped with male pheromones that act to send subliminal signals to women. Nature has proven that the male who produces more pheromones is the leader of the pack, and P6 Super Pheromone emulates that to great success. This desire arousing attractant has proved hugely successful. Trust the Germans, they make the best cars, but boy, they make the best pheromones too!


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