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Saturday, May 25th, 2019

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Bath & Body Works - Amber Blush Perfume - 8 oz

ID code: BBWABP8

--Bath & Body Works - Amber Blush Perfume - 8 oz

Amber Blush Perfume by Bath & Body Works. Let yourself fall in love and feel your cheeks go warm and pink as you spritz yourself with Amber Blush by Bath and Body Works . This seductively sweet and sensual feminine fragrance is perfect for a romantic date with your “bae”. Smell irresistible and dazzle others with your allure when you put on this passionate and lovely scent. Amber Blush is infused with conditioning aloe mist that gently nourishes skin. Wearing this fragrance makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day with its lustful yet lovely essence. Blush’s top notes consist of sparkling bergamot, juicy mandarin, and raspberry champagne that swirl into a dance of saccharine sensuality. The middle notes of the fragrance are composed of a floral bouquet of jasmine, gardenia petals, and magnolia blossom with dashes of star anise and hints of apricot nectar. This scent ends with base notes of creamy vanilla suede, crystalized amber, golden sandalwood, and soft musk. The resulting combination will make people go gaga for your understated sexy scent. Mystify strangers as you make your way through a crowd, let your scent linger on them, and watch them turn their heads as you catch them off guard and captivate them with your charming fragrance.

Bath and Body works is the child of its parent company l brands. A bath and beauty conglomerate, B&BW is a powerhouse in its division with over 1600 stores all over the world. Once called the “McDonald’s of toiletries” by Businessweek, the bath-shop chain has proven its commercial success and longevity with millions of customers purchasing its products religiously. With an assortment of items such as hand washes, lotions, bath care essentials, sanitizers, and gift bundles, the company offers a diverse cornucopia of beauty and bath products that caters to people all over the globe. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.



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