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Sunday, May 19th, 2019

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Britney Spears Fantasy Twist Perfume

ID code: BSFTP

--Britney Spears Fantasy Twist Perfume

Fantasy Twist Perfume by Britney Spears. Turn all of your dreams into reality with the magnificent Fantasy Twist created by Britney Spears. This aromatic women's fragrance comes packed with many tropical, fruity and sweet tones to impress those you share the room with. Wear this scent to instill passion and intensity on your date and make him desire you throughout the night. Established in 2005, this fragrance is sure to stand the test of time and impress for years to come. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.


  • 3.4 oz Fantasy
  • 1.7 oz Midnight Fantasy
  • Inside a Special Twist-Off Bottle


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