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Sunday, June 16th, 2019

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Daniel Josier - Golden Vetiver Unisex EDP - 3.4 oz

ID code: DJGVU34

--Daniel Josier - Golden Vetiver Unisex EDP - 3.4 oz

Dominated by musks, this is a fragrance that murmurs, it’s the tenderness, the sensuality, it’s light, firm and agile, surrounding and aerial…it’s the supernatural. Perfume with Gold 23K that comes off with the perfume spray leaving gold particles on your skin.

A sensual cloud of white musk spreads out around the creamy texture of amber color. It opens with a muscone, angelica, and abelmoschus seeds, who confers musky character that gives way to a heart with Bombay wood and patchouli and rose details.

It’s inspired by the princess scents, who utilized musk and rose essence to perfume hair and body.

Top notes: Angelica, Muscone

Middle notes: Musk, bombay wood, rose notes

Low notes: White musk, labdane



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