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Thursday, April 25th, 2019

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Moresque Parfums - Regina

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--Moresque Parfums - Regina

Moresque Parfums presents its latest work of art, the result of a long research trip, or should we say, olfactory journey: Regina, meaning “queen”. Regina is a fragrance that speaks directly to the freedom and courage of women born to lead. Inspired in part by the vision of fine embroideries, lace, and silks being tossed around by rough winds at sea as the queen leads her troops (and her court ladies) into battle on a warship, Regina leads us to a blossoming of self-confidence and regal feminity in its deepest heart. Pure charm and instinct work together to make this woman a success, and it is true for anyone who wears Regina.

Regina opens with a vivid, sharp bergamot dancing around a buttery, custardy ylang ylang and florid jasmine, a bright burst of citrus and florals that feels quite strong and determined. Warm, soft spices such as cinnamon and clove recall the smell of the caskets used to store spices for the journey, and form a medicinal seal around the heart, which slowly reveals itself as a spray of pure, salty seawater, as clean and bracing as the waves battering the ship and its queen.



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