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Friday, April 26th, 2019

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Benas Bathing Soap - 120g

ID code: BBS120

--Benas Bathing Soap - 120g

New Improved Formula!!! This soap contains a powerful germicide that has been used for many years to combat the spread disease and in preventing wounds from becoming septic. Miracle soap is suitable in treating many infectious skin diseases.

Very Effective Against Skin Infections

Benas Bathing Soap contains a powerful germicide which has been used for years to combat the spread of disease and in preventing wounds from becoming septic.

To achieve complete protection and to keep that healthy fresh appearance, it is important to wash regularly with Benas Bathing Soap. Benas Bathing Soap is suitable in treating many infectious skin diseases.


Benas as a deodorant: By removing bacteria that cause social affliction.

Benas removes unsightly pimples and spots: From the face and body. Wash the affected area daily. Allow the lather to stay on the skin, then rinse off. Repeat until the skin is clear and smooth.

Benas treats prickly heat: First wash the affected parts, allow the lather to remain on the skin and rinse off thoroughly. Then dust on your favorite talcum powder.

Benas removes dandruff, scurf and other parasites: From the head, shampoo the hair by lathering vigorously, allow to remain on the head several minutes and then rinse off. By shampooing at least once a week, the head can be kept clean and free from irritation.

Benas prevents cuts and scratches from becoming septic: By bathing immediately with a solution of Benas Bathing Soap in warm water, infections are stopped.

Benas as antiseptic: Through the home, wash bed line and clothes from sickroom with Benas Bathing Soap and prevent sickness from spreading.

Benas Bathing Soap with Aloe Vera Extract



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